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Description of works: Modification of terrain near the main entrance, removal of iron bars, cleaning of windows, repair of eaves system.
Works on saving the historical gate continue for almost one year and with its uniqueness, this gate will be unique in Slovakia. Thanks to Novota-art from Bratislava, the gate will have a new – original form.
Despite strong campaign against entrance fee to cultural events of this year’s Galanta markets, we can consider them as one of the most successful. We appreciate that the City Mayor resisted to suppositions that nobody appears there. We are glad that many of you understood that you could contribute to a good thing, even if it was not without problems. Daring and new things bring new experience, good as well as those we have to eliminate in the future already in the preparation phase.
On 12.11.2013, we had a visit of Esterházy Foundation employees from Austria. Employees of the castles in Burgenland already know about the activities commenced this year in Galanta. We have established new friendships, which we will develop also on international level. We have expressed common conviction that castles have to initiate common touristic theme. We look forward to cooperation…
On 06.09.2013 we had a fantastic visit on the occasion of the concert of Michal David and his group in Galanta. Michal decided to support the project of saving the castle and personally visited our beautiful symbol of the city. During the concert he even publicly announced that he is willing to perform a concert on the courtyard for free when the castle will be completed. THANK YOU MICHAL AND LET IT HAPPEN!
The year 2012 is coming to its end, it is time to retrospectively look back on the previous period and evaluate what went well, either more or less.
04.05.2013 – The 1st day – Commencement of works
Description of works: Cleaning works, evaluation and thanking to volunteers working during the Galanta Markets 2013.
Dear friends, the General Agreement between the municipality and OZNKGA was approved on the last session of the Municipal Council in Galanta.
We are glad to announce that today on 28.09.2013 works on repair of important inscription on the northern donjon were commenced. Thanks to Mgr. František Šmigrovský for professional works. From Monday, works will last almost 4 weeks. Come to see and support our project.