Visiting Countess Mónika Esterházy´s von Galantha

On 15th February 2012, we visited Countess Mónika Esterházy von Glantha in her Viennese flat. Because we have kept in touch for a long time, we apprised her of the newest events in our town.

We informed her of the establishment of our civil association as well as about our intentions to save and renovate Galanta’s neo-gothic castle. We had the honour of consigning her a prepared publication from Count Mihály Esterházy´s great album, who is buried in the Hody cemetery. The photos come from the years 1881/1882 when the Count, with the Earl Heinrich Liechtenstein and Count József Pálffy were on a safari in Africa, in the current territory of Sudan. Next, we talked about the preparations for the 20th anniversary of the original opening of the Renaissance manor house. We brought the Countess the latest prints and photos of Galanta. With appreciation she mentioned that the original baroque altar of the chapel was restored, the mansion is more attractive with lighting and she conveyed the pleasure of the establishment of our initiatives. Within the nice conversation the Countess did not forget to remind me to salute all of the Galantians, with whom she had the opportunity to get acquainted. At my invitation she promised that if her health permits she would like to come to Galanta. I have been advised about a visit of other members of the Esterházy family as well.

Posted on 28. February 2012