Dear Citizens

Welcome to the website of the civil association: "Neo-Gothic Castle in Galanta". Our association was established on 26th January 2012 in order to save the neo-gothic castle in Galanta that is a central historical monument and is considered a symbol of Galanta. The aim of our non-profit organization is a complete recovery of this historical monument. Our activities focus on the promotion as well as seeking possibilities for utilization. Of course it is an extremely difficult but fascinating project. In truth we can say that without a wide range of support, and not just in terms of finances, but also human resources, it will be extremely difficult. Why did we decide to take on this adventurous journey? After the partial reconstruction of the northern annex of the castle, we feel a justified desire of the people to complete the work they started and to save this wonderful and unique historical monument. In the past, it was said from the mouth of a wise man that the nation who does not appreciate their past does not deserve its future. Even in our town and the surrounding area, many important historical buildings have decayed to confirm these words and we have decided to change this tendency through our efforts. We don’t want our future generations to look at the yellow photos of buildings that do not exist in our city anymore. That's why we ask for help, because we believe that our collective efforts can bring us to our ultimate goal and by using high-quality human resources, the neo-gothic castle in Galanta will again be one of the historical jewels of Central Europe. With all of us working together and helping each other, we will have the strength to succeed. Thank you.


Dear friends, in this section of the website, you have the opportunity to see actual activities the civil association has organized, including new photos.

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I want to help

Dear friends, in this section you have the opportunity to lend a helping hand. How? Get to know here. Join us. Thank you for your help.

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Structure and aims

We are introducing the regulations and structure of the civil association, which also contains exact names of our intentions and aims.

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