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Despite strong campaign against entrance fee to cultural events of this year’s Galanta markets, we can consider them as one of the most successful. We appreciate that the City Mayor resisted to suppositions that nobody appears there. We are glad that many of you understood that you could contribute to a good thing, even if it was not without problems. Daring and new things bring new experience, good as well as those we have to eliminate in the future already in the preparation phase.

We awaited you with our stand and beautiful brochure with language mutations. We also had few cups with the castle emblem and T-shirts for promotion, which will be available in the future. In the visual presentation we showed you nice as well as not so nice views to the castle. Unfortunately, interior is in such condition as left by repairers in the last century. We had been honoured by your interest for three days. Also Tibor Mikuš, Chairman of the Self-governing region of Trnava, personally assured us about his support. Even several businessmen were interested in our plans.

We particularly appreciate that Samsung donated its contribution for this year to the city specifically for repair of the Neo-gothic castle in Galanta and to Templars for noble goals. Of course, we cannot forget the activities of the City Mayor. Thank you.

However, these were those more pleasant aspects of our activity. Meanwhile we had many meetings with the City Mayor, then meetings with Mgr. Rastislav Petrovič –employee in the Regional Monuments Board in Trnava. Discussions were aimed at directing our goals and setting priorities as well as individual steps. Moreover, it was necessary to clarify some discrepancies. We have to realize that the castle building is a registered national cultural monument and there are strict procedures laid down by legal regulations which cannot be circumvented. Unfortunately, we were able to start with these steps only after the City Council approved the general agreement on cooperation of the city with our civil association. We would like to have some things already done before the winter. We are planning unified battening of windows, removal of useless non-functional distribution lines of electricity, phone, consoles and similar things. Also for these details we need written consent of preservationists who determine what we can do and how to do it under their expert supervision. We regard this fact as given and in the interest of the matter, we will respect their observations in full scope. Other alternative can only complicate things. It is very important to us that we all respect it. We have submitted the proposal in writing to the City Mayor to apply for affirmative statement with instructions of the Regional Monuments Board in Trnava.

We already have proposals for the first specific steps and we will publish them when the approval process will be successfully completed. We do not forget that funds collected by the city from the entrance fee – revenues from the Galanta markets – will be used for the designated purpose. Unfortunately, there are still such people who instead of helping us give us a hard time and hinder work to us and the City Mayor. We believe that also they will finally understand our candid effort.

Finally, I am delighted to observe that our web site aroused interest also abroad. In this stage, we register all offers and a time will come when we will be able to fully utilize them. We are in contact with all.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to first meeting with you to save our neo-gothic castle.

Jozef Keppert

Posted on 19. June 2014