1st day 04.05.2013 – Commencement of works

04.05.2013 – The 1st day – Commencement of works

The first day was successful:

- Inventory control of tools, creating a storeroom, neatening windows and doors, movement of material in the building.

Participants: Ján Hrdlica, Miroslav Klobúčnik, Ján Žilinčík, Fridrich Psota, Peter Sztezkal, Zoltán Kolek, Jozef Keppert, Peter Aštary, Zsolt Takáč, Kristián Ondreák, Peter Černý. 

THANK TO ADA WASTE S.R.O FOR CONTAINER and Ondreák family for lunch in the form of goulash :-)

Posted on 19. June 2014