Historical gate is being repaired in Bratislava

Works on saving the historical gate continue for almost one year and with its uniqueness, this gate will be unique in Slovakia. Thanks to Novota-art from Bratislava, the gate will have a new – original form.

On 13.05.2014 we travelled to Bratislava to check the progress of works. Also Mr. Petrovič, employee of the Regional Monuments Board as well as Mr. Aštary, chief architect of the city of Galanta, were present in our small group. Together with our colleagues from the civil association, we have observed the progress of works on this beautiful gate with astonishment. When we were taking the gate out of the building of the castle with a group of enthusiasts in January, I was a bit worried, how all this will come out, but nowadays, I can daringly observe that the gate we will present to the public in June will be unique No. 1 and not only in Galanta. Its beauty is being revealed more and more every day, said Mr. Novota (renovator of the gate) and we get to know in him a fantastic fan of history. According to his words, the gate will be the only renovated neo-gothic gate in Slovakia. 

Repair of the gate required sizeable financial funds and therefore we are very grateful to all supporting this project also in the form of financial funds. This year’s collection, which will end on 19.05.2014, will be used also for this purpose. Those, who donated their 2 per cent from taxes, can also have a good feeling, because these finances will be used for saving the gate. We will know how much was collected in individual collections in the first case already on Monday 19.05.2014 and in latter case at the end of June.

THANKS TO ALL, it would certainly not be possible to make it happen without you.

When you are interested to contribute to this purpose, you still have the possibility to do so by bank transfer to the account 4210284900/3100 Sberbank Galanta. 

As I mentioned, we are planning the gate opening ceremony on Thursday, 19 June 2014. We will keep you informed about the course of works. 

Yours sincerely, Zsolt Takáč


Posted on 19. June 2014